Writing tools, like pens and pencils, are used on a daily basis. In the executive realm, pens serve to create a permanent stamp of approval on important documents, but what if the pen itself made a statement about the user and their status or achievements?
To accomplish this, I created a conceptual brand for custom-designed fountain pens.
Defining Goals
To achieve status as a custom status piece, the custom fountain pens must have a higher level of uniqueness that elevates them passed being a niche calligraphy tool.
Because writing is such a trivial task, and fountain pens a niche item, the brand must bring the custom fountain pen from expensive and unnecessary to a must-have.
Forming the Idea
Identifying Users
Competitive Audit
Developing Brand Values
Mission Statement:
We craft personal brand extensions to allow you to create your unique mark.

Vision Statement:
With our fountain pens, we will symbolize status and class for all of America's top executives.

Value Statement:
Our hand-crafted and personalized fountain pens will serve as unique extensions of your brand
and a symbol of your achievement.
The Execution
Visual Identity
Because the majority of the experience creating and obtaining the pen is done in person, the digital experience serves the purpose of facilitating those interactions and therefore is not very extensive.
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