The Collaboration to Advance Pharmacy Enterprises, or CAPE, is a program within Ferris State University’s College of Pharmacy in Grand Rapids. They tasked myself and two others, Mackenzie Brisbin and Baylee DeVos, with creating a brand system for their organization and it’s sub-brands. To accomplish this, we tackled a wide variety of brand touchpoints that helped create a system for the existing CAPE, CHARM, and COMET, as well as any new entities to come in the future.
Developing a Brand System
Creating Brand Components
Using documents sent to us by our client, we learned about the existing brand architecture and language currently being used. We took this information and used it to develop brand statements and visual directions.
We also developed the name of CAPE's second enterprise and Medican Therapy Management Program (MTM), the Collaboration to Optimize Medication Efficacy and Therapy or COMET.
CAPE Brand Statements
CAPE serves as a steward and supporter of better pharmacy practices and models.
CAPE seeks to lead the creation of innovative pharmacy service models nationwide.
Our goal is to provide innovation and actionable improvements to pharmacy services through process optimization, data collection and interpretation, and promoting community health.

CHARM Brand Statements
CHARM is a leader in informed antibiotic use. We champion the collection and analysis of healthcare data for the innovation of prescription practices.
CHARM’s services are a robust, user-friendly tool that will become the industry benchmark for guiding and assessing appropriate antibiotic use.
The tools CHARM manages update frequently and quickly with the most relevant data available to provide health systems with timely and actionable reports.

COMET Brand Statements
COMET’s students and faculty advisors work to optimize medication therapy.
COMET will be at the forefront of optimal medication therapy utilization.
COMET’s student run, faculty advised program promotes community health through its innovative models and practices, which help improve patient outcomes and pharmacy advancement.
By using some of the existing Ferris color strategy, we created a visual connection between CAPE and the university in which it resides.
Extending the Brand System
To ensure we fully explored the extent of our brand system, we developed a wide variety of brand touch points, both practical and hypothetical, to illustrate the breadth and depth the CAPE brand could have.
The CHARM Dashboard
Auditing the Current UX
The Collaboration to Harmonize Antimicrobial Registry Measures (CHARM) uses a data analytics experience, referred to as the CHARM dashboard, to provide value to pharmacies in the community. Looking at the current dashboard, I was able to identify key opportunities to improve the dashboard UX.
The existing dashboard navigation is hidden within a page system, only visible when clicking the page numbers or navigating using the page arrows.
Without a brand system, the CHARM dashboard features the College of Pharmacy emblem with simple type to title the interface.
Some elements of the dashboard do not have a clear purpose or label, and therefore fit awkwardly in the UI composition.
Learning a New Design Environment
Since the CHARM dashboards are created using Microsoft Power BI, I had to learn how to use this new program and its limitations in regards to color, type, and layout. This helped me develop an implementation plan for the new dashboard designs to ensure the CHARM team would be capable of replicating it in the future.
Connecting the Dashboard to the Brand
In order to incorporate the brand into an environment with numerous different data values, I had to develop a secondary color palette that harmonized with the primary color palette of the brand and allowed for a much wider range of colors to choose from.
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